Thursday, January 11, 2018

Retro Valentine's Day Images Digital Collage Sheets

Hello Friends!!
Today I am sharing one of my Favorite 
Retro Valentine's Day Images.
Here is the original card.
I decided to clean it up just a little bit.  I created a New Heart, and changed the placement of the it looked more centered.  Poor spoon was not all there, so I completed it.  I also
decided to re-do the Sentiment on the cupcake wrapper.  It too was not  Got rid of the background, worked on the cupcake frosting and decided since I re-did the sentiments, I'd go ahead and flip the image as well.
Here is my Collage Sheet.
Since I was playing around with the image, I decided to do use the images to make a 
more traditionally shaped Valentine.
Of could I not be tempted to change up this darling cupcake? I did a new face and decided to go all creamy for Valentine's Day!

I also have a set of Valentine Rose Hearts

I hope you are having a great day!
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Valentine's Day Hearts with or without Polka Dots Digital Collage Sheet Sets

Hello Friends!!
I hope everyone had a Happy New Years!
I had some friends over, my Oldest turned 20 and had some friends over, and I just got back from spending the weekend at a Tubing Camp out with our Boy Scout Troop.  
I'm glad we had a cabin because it was cold!
I have also been dealing with bronchitis (since October) and finally went back to the doctor and I hope the new meds will work this time.  Nothing like coughing all day long....yuck!
So...that being said...I had a little time to play today...and came up with some fun Valentine's Day Hearts Embellishment sets.
I have such a hard time deciding what I just went with all of

 Pink Heart 6 page Set $3
For those of you who like Pink Pink.....

I myself am more of a CORAL PINK kind of Gal..

That's all for me today!
Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Vintage Rose Journal Pages Printable

Hello Friends
Today I am sharing a few more Journal pages that I created that will match my 
New Calendar set.

On the sheet below you will see some journaling lines on the the left hand side...they are not there on actual download that is not watermarked.
I will have a couple more coordinating items soon :0)
Thanks for visiting!!